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Soft Wash


South Florida Paver Sealing and Softwash can truly give your roof the makeover it needs to be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood! We focus on using a soft pressure wash that won’t cause any damage to your roof or surrounding areas of your home.

South Florida Softwash

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Why You Need Roof Cleaning


Choosing to pressure wash your roof is beneficial for several reasons. Consider the following reasons.

  • It saves you money. Instead of replacing a roof, a professional pressure wash will bring life back to your roof, removing stains, algae, and dirt.

  • It prevents damage to your roof. By keeping your roof clean, you reduce the likelihood of moss formation that could cause deterioration of your roof.

  • Your home will look amazing. Why not keep your greatest investment looking like new all the time? Nothing is more of an eyesore than a dirty roof! In addition, many HOAs can give you a violation with a roof that isn’t maintained properly.

  • Your roof will last longer. A roof replacement is a costly repair. Keeping it well maintained can add years of life to it and put thousands of dollars in your pocket.


Choosing A Professional Company


Since 2003, South Florida Paver Sealing and Softwash has been professionally cleaning homes in the local area. Along with top of the line equipment, our experienced technicians never leave any detail unnoticed. You’ll have confidence that the job was completed right the first time, no matter how big or how small.


Convenient Roof Cleaning Service


We understand the importance of keeping a clean home. South Florida Paver Sealing and Softwash puts the needs of our customers first. Keeping your home clean doesn’t have to be expensive. Understand the needs of working families helps keep our prices fair and reasonable. We look forward to cleaning your roof with 100 percent satisfaction!

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